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I won't ever rent something, especially online. I never authorized this site to take $214.20 ($100 in overdraft).

I'm struggling as is they don't need to make it worse.

I've asked twice for them to stop and repay me, yet they did it again this morning. I'm contacting my lawyers and bank now.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I just got off the phone with this rip-off company. I spoke with someone that doesn't speak English, fluently.

They have been taking money out of my checking account monthly MONEY they are NOT owed. I let them know they owe me two payments, (probably more) and I want it returned to me. She said the closed payment was not covered by a credit card, so, they continue to take the money from my account. I said, no one told me I had to cover the closing payment with a credit card.

And, the checks all were cashed with no problem! I notified them in November 20016, I would pay the balance owed by checks, from now on.

She said, she knew I made that call. But, they will only refund me, one payment, When I said to her, I will warn everyone of their scam, she said "go ahead it won't hurt the company.

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